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Building your menu on TableSkip

Adding your menu is easy.

  • Type directly into the spreadsheet. Press Enter to add rows. You can also copy/paste from existing spreadsheets (i.e. Excel, Google Sheets).
  • Every menu item needs a section name (i.e. Soups), menu name, and price. Description is optional.
  • Select “Support Multiple Menus” if you have multiple menus (i.e. Brunch, Dinner, Lunch). Each can have their own hours as well.
  • Click Create Options to create options for your menu items (info¬†here). Option prices are on top of the base price.
  • Assign options to menu items by clicking in the dropdown in the Options column.
  • Re-ordering items – See the video. Next to the row number in the left, click to drag the row into another position.
  • Images – each menu item can have an image. Click Add under images.

See it in action

Example menu

Example Menu
Example Menu