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Give customers 1 place to start and get more orders

With TableSkip, you can give your customers a single place to start their online order. You can already receive pickup and in-house delivery order info through the TableSkip tablet or phone. With this feature, your customers can also click to visit all delivery apps your restaurant supports – all from your TableSkip menu page.

Customer's view

Customers can easily visit all 3rd party delivery options from one place.

Set it up in your Dashboard

In your Dashboard, add all 3rd party apps and the URL links for each.

Why? Get more commission-free orders

By putting all options on your TableSkip page,

  1. Customers still have the option of easily using their preferred ordering app.
  2. Some customers will instead order right through TableSkip. These orders are commission-free and more profitable for your business.

Setting this up takes seconds, simply visit your Dashboard and click the Order Settings tab. Then add the apps and their links.