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FAQ - For Restaurants

TableSkip lets your restaurant take online pickup and delivery orders at no cost.

Our website and suite of mobile apps set the bar for experience for diners and restaurants alike.

When you add your restaurant to TableSkip, you instantly get online ordering you can add to your website, and your restaurant will be featured in our search results. There’s no extra fee when we give you new customers.

We deliver profit by

  • letting you take orders 100% commission-free.
  • increasing your repeat sales
  • increasing exposure to new diners

Fees: We take 0%. It’s free. There are no signup fees or limits on locations or orders. Simply cover standard CC processing of 2.9% + $0.3/order.

More repeat orders.

Customers can re-order in just a click boosting repeat sales.

More exposure and new customers.

Unlike branded/POS online ordering tools that work only off your website, customers can find your restaurant in our app as well as your website. The convenience difference is huge – which means we drive far more volume than website-only tools.

Your restaurant will become featured in our search results and get a free menu page for online exposure. All new customers from us come free.

We don’t charge commissions. Simply cover credit card processing of 2.9% + $0.3/order. There’s no sign up fee. We don’t charge customers service fees or change any menu prices. Learn more on our pricing page.

Regarding tablets, our order app runs on almost any existing tablet (“use your own device”), or you can buy one from us.

  • Tablet: for high volume locations, our order mobile app is the best method. It lets you fully manage each order (print receipts, accept, cancel, pause orders, etc). It runs on almost any existing tablet you may have (“use your own device”), or you can buy one from us. We will also email a copy of each order.
  • Phone: if your location has low volume, you may choose to receive order information for pickup orders via a phone call. There’s nothing to install with this option.

Your restaurant will be featured in our search results and have a dedicated menu page. You’ll generate free, organic traffic and online exposure from us. There’s no fee/commission when we bring you a new customer.

We believe that local, word of mouth marketing and a focus on repeat customers has the best ROI. With all the savings you’ll generate with us, we give your restaurant the ability to invest more in this strategy.

The best way is to let your in-store customers know that next time they should order with TableSkip. This lets you stop paying high commissions on your repeat customer online orders and generate higher profits.

No, our focus is on taking online orders (pickup and delivery). We’re building the best online experience for diners and restaurants alike while keeping fees to a minimum. Our belief is that better ROI and quality control comes from the restaurant being involved in physical delivery.

Yes – our mobile app for managing orders allows quick connection to Star thermal printers. This makes it possible to auto-print an order after it’s confirmed.

We support a wide variety of Star thermal printers, including bluetooth and LAN/Ethernet versions. Popular models such as TSP143III and TSP654II are supported.

Model lines TSP100III, SM-L200, SM-S230i, SM-T300i, SM-T400i, TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, and mPOP™ are supported.

We support all kinds of restaurants in the US (including pizzerias, delis, and multi-location operations). Whether you have one location or hundreds, our website and apps are ready and proven.

  • 100% support for pizza menus.
  • Add pictures to your menu items
  • Advanced menu features include
    • hour/day based menu sections
    • menu modifiers that are truly easy to manage
    • menu modifiers that support half-pizza pricing (different pricing for half/full pizza toppings)
    • 2-level menu modifiers. You can create different modifiers for your modifiers! For example, for toppings, you can add different prices for different amounts of a topping. With TableSkip, it becomes easy to support topping options such as
      • Add Pesto sauce
        • Light: $1.99
        • Double: $3.99

Weekly payouts via direct deposit.

We charge the customer’s credit card and send you their order details. We direct deposit you the order total minus credit card processing fees.

We’ll always be sending you payments, and you’ll never have to pay us for orders.

Yes. With our mobile app, you can cancel every incoming order. You can also pause all orders, and turn on/off menu items and options based on availability.

Simply click here to signup at no cost and see exactly how this works.

Our entire platform is meant to be self-service and simple. You can go live in under an hour. If you have any questions, we’re here to help.