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How TableSkip Works


A diner orders on TableSkip or your website.


Get the pickup or delivery order via tablet or phone.


The customer arrives for pickup or your staff delivers the order.

Orders from TableSkip

Let new customers find you at no cost.

  • TableSkip is easy to remember to use. Restaurant websites and branded apps, not so much.

  • Launch in a day. Our platform sets the bar for ease. Upload a menu and get a tablet (your own or ours) for our app.

  • Orders via tablet or phone. For low volume, you may accept orders without a tablet. Our AI-powered voice system will simply give you a call.

Take online orders for free. We grow your repeat volume and let new customers find your restaurant at no extra cost.

Orders from your website

We power online ordering on your website. Just add our link, and your customers get an easy, mobile-friendly way to order. Plus, our unique, one click to reorder design helps drive more orders from your best customers.

TableSkip from your website

Dashboard - intuitive and self-serve

We’re heavily invested in making our dashboard the simplest and most intuitive in the industry. Without needing our help, you’ll be able to edit all settings, hours, and menus in a snap. Sign up and see for yourself.

Accept orders via tablet or phone

  • Tablet: Built to work in a fast-paced kitchen. It’s simple, it works, and it frees up your staff. Easy to print receipts, accept/cancel orders and mark items unavailable. Get a tablet from us, or use your own tablet to run our order app.

  • Printing: Most Star Micronics thermal printers are supported. With our tablet, set up takes seconds.

  • Phone: No setup. For low-volume locations, this lets you instantly add online ordering at no cost and no installation of anything.