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Adding options to menu items

Create and edit your menu options by clicking on the Create Options button in the Menu tab.

  • Each option can be assigned to one or more menu items in the menu item spreadsheet. 
  • The price of each option choice is in addition to the menu item price. For example, if a customer orders a burger which has a menu price of $8, and then adds a cheese option, which costs $1 extra, the total cost is $9.
  • If an option doesn’t cost extra, set its price as 0.
Example of an option

In the above example, the customer will see the option called Bread with 3 choices. The customer must pick one of the choices. If you’d like to make this optional and not required, uncheck “Required to pick” checkbox.

Video on setting up your menu options

Adding Advanced Options

We also support more advanced pricing for options. If Advanced pricing is selected, for each option choice you can ask the customer to refine their choice. For example, for each bread choice, you can ask the customer to pick Toasted or Not Toasted. In the bottom left example, for “Onions”, the customer will pick Light, Normal, or Double – each with its own price.

The video above shows this.

The right side example goes further and shows our support for Pizza pricing. Here, you can specify half/full size pricing. So a customer will be able to select the option (i.e. Veggies), select the choice (i.e. Onions), refine that choice (i.e. Light), and then select if they’d like it on the left, right or both sides of the pie – and pay the right price for all those selections.

Advanced options example
Advanced options with pizza pricing selected

Assign options to menu items

After the options have been created and saved, assign them to the menu items. Go back to the spreadsheet, and in the column Options, click to select the options and click Save.

Assign options to menu items